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She wields her chef’s knife standing at a sweet 5’2”, but her presence in the kitchen is mighty and her flavors are bold. A Cuban-American native of Miami Florida, Patty Rodriguez heeded her calling to cuisine, and enrolled in renowned Johnson & Wales University’s North Miami campus. Upon graduating with her degree, she embraced her new career with passion and hit the ground running. After an apprenticeship alongside award-winning Chef Cindy Hutson and a stint as Chef Garde-Manger at Ortanique Restaurant in Coral Gables, she secured a position as Executive Chef at one of Miami’s premiere post-production facilities. For over two years she brought her sharp palate and creativity to every meal, and delighted TV & Film clientele such as Donald Sutherland, Christian Slater, PBS’s Dr. Henry Louis Gates and Rosario Dawson with a delicate balance of refined cuisine and contemporary comfort food. On any given day Chef P, as she has been affectionately hailed, can be found creating anything from exquisite soups & sauces (one of her specialties) to her own favorites like Southeast Asian fare or homemade pizzas. You might also find her in her edible garden cultivating hot peppers and micro herbs. She believes successful cuisine is made with the best quality ingredients, an open mind, a little patience and a fearless spirit. She considers it an everyday part of her job to continue to be inspired, grow as a chef and have a relentless commitment to flavor.



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Our dishes feature the best quality ingredients, sustainable and locally-sourced whenever possible. Freshly prepared, our vibrant menu selections can vary from globally-influenced to seasonal local flavors, to fusion or anywhere in between. Whatever the ask might be, we also like to be versatile and can adapt to accommodate dietary needs. Diverse palates reign supreme in this kitchen, so don't be afraid to make a special request. 




Choose your fave foods, have a seat, and just indulge in the dining experience. 


Cocktail Party? Baby Shower? Business affair? We'll help you complete the occasion with unique, bespoke culinary offerings. 



Gourmands and newbies- come one, come all! Pick up some pro tips and tricks of the trade to impress your friends with. Try a private lesson or a cooking party.


Chef Patty continues to impress me with the flavor, variety and versatility of her recipes.

Susie Diaz

I really appreciate how she can easily cater to people with different food restrictions without ever sacrificing texture or flavor, you'd never think you were missing out.

Her creations are original, thoughtful, seasonal and sophisticated but never pretentious.

Denise Leon

Her passion and personality are infused in every mouth-watering bite.

Jaime Ortega

Carmen Cothern

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